Information about lessons.

Tutoring-I also offer private tuition for primary age children in maths and English, get in touch for more details.


Pottery lessons- Everything you need to know.

The pottery lessons are run once a month on a Saturday and on Wednesdays and Thursdays (morning and evening) during term time and some weeks during holidays. Session times are mornings-9:30-11:30 am, afternoons-1:30-3:30 pm and evenings-7:30-9:30pm.

Lessons consist of four or five people in a session, usually at various stages of making and throwing. The lessons are progressive for individuals and you work at your own pace. While I try to challenge people to improve and expand ideas, if you have things you want to do or try I am very happy to encourage you to experiment and explore. the sample set of sessions below if just as an idea of what could be done. 

How much are the lessons?

The hourly rate is changing from 1st Jan 2017. Cost will be as laid out below. A usual 2 hour session will be £25 rather than £20.

-2 hour session for up to 2 people(£17.50 ppph) total £35 per person
-2 hour session for groups of 3+ (£12.50ppph) total £25 per person
- 6 sessions booked in advance, 20% off (saving £30) £120
- 1 to 1 tuition £25 per hour +materials
- Lessons for day (6 hours) £150/ half day (3 hours)£75 +materials
- Studio hire for a day (7 hours) £60 +materials

There is parking for at least two cars on our drive. There is also some space on the verge next to our drive. IMPORTANT please do not use the verge opposite as someone has had a parking ticket for parking there. There is free parking on Meredith road itself outside the shops, don't park in Aldi as there are parking restrictions there and cameras. You can also park in Highfield Approach, on the grass in Broadway Lane, or along Ravensfield Road or Shrubland Ave, all of which are a short walk away.

You can get to me by using the number 9 and 10 buses from Tower Ramparts bus station.There is sign on the side gate and one that will be taken up and down in the front garden, depending on when I'm potting. Address below.

How many people can come to a lesson? 

Session are usually four or five people max. I am able to accommodate larger groups. I have had 12 before now, but that was in the summer. Please get in touch if you have a larger group, or people with disabilities to discuss this further. Parents of children are always welcome to come to parties and hang around, and as far as is possible will be plied with tea and coffee!

 Where is the studio? 

The studio is at 559 Norwich Road, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP1 6JU.

Tel :01473463467 mobile 07759951464 (mobile is the best way of contacting me) or using the contact form on this website.

Some do's don'ts

Do wear old clothes (aprons are provided but they won't cover all of you!)

Do have an idea of things you want to make, or try to make!

Don't come in your Sunday best 

Do listen to what you are told regarding glazes and other chemicals (some of them can be not very good for you!)

Do wear sensible shoes (no stilettos  please)

Do get in touch if you like what you've read or have any questions 

****Pottery courses sample sessions****

Sample lessons for beginners or those wishing to explore the basics of throwing.  It will consist of six 2 hour lessons on the wheel. These may be electric or treadle. You will be encouraged to have a go on each. The aim will be to make tall cylinders and shape variations from the cylinder.

Week 1- getting centred

Week 2 - improving centring and drawing up

Week 3  - Aiming for a consistent height

Week 4  - Throwing straight, then adding a curve!

Week 5 and 6 - Chance to practice what you have done over the last four weeks with pointers for improving your basic starting position.



    Spring Studios my former work place, which is sadly closed. Still an interesting video though.

 There is a short video of the studio, myself and Rob on youtube. Please click the link below to view.


The Studio from the outside.